Welcome to the People’s Library 2.0!

Good morning, readers!  Welcome to your new and improved People’s Library of Pittsburgh!

Since its inception in October, the Occupy Pittsburgh Library has looked something like this:

Library 1.0

Library 1.0

Utilitarian at best, no? Jumbled, disorganized, and cramped; not very user-friendly or welcoming at all. That was the library on Saturday.

This is the library as of Sunday:

Library 2.0

Library 2.0

Check that baby out!  Spacious, inviting, and perhaps best of all — dry!

Thanks to the intrepid efforts of the camp crew, the library working group was able to get this thing set up right next to its former location.  We want to give a special shout-out to John from the Comfort Tent and everyone else who helped construct the new space, as well as Todd who helped break down the shelf to a more manageable size, Aaron who helped us get a start on organizing the books, and Bram who wisely suggested we shelve the children’s collection at kid-level.  A sincere and hearty thanks to all, including everyone who cheered us on!

Here’s a closer look at our expansive new digs:

Two rooms!

Two rooms!

The little white shelf on the left is the fiction section, where you can find romance, thriller, sci-fi, etc.  Have a look, we won’t judge your guilty pleasures!  On the main rack you’ll find literary classics, politics, philosophy, poetry, and lots of other good stuff.  To the right is the newspaper cart, with a selection of local and alternative publications.  Everything still packed away in boxes is fair game too, so feel free to look through it all and borrow anything you’d like!

The front space (dubbed the Howard Zinn Reading Room) is a great place to hang out and enjoy a good book, so plunk down a chair or a milk carton and get to it!  We’ll also be storing unprocessed donations there, so if you’d like to gift us with an item from our wishlist you can drop it off right inside.  In the meantime, keep an eye on our expanding catalog to find out about new additions to the collection.  Occubrarian Superstar Jude is cataloguing away on our LibraryThing!

If you can’t tell, we’re pretty excited about our new space.  We hope you are too!  Come down to camp and check it out, we’re open 24/7!  (Bring a flashlight or lantern after dark, we’re still working on the lighting situation.)  If you have any suggestions for the future of the library, comment here or drop us a line at occupypghlibrary@gmail.com.

Happy Monday from the new People’s Library of Pittsburgh!


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